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theheartwithin ([personal profile] theheartwithin) wrote2009-10-17 08:10 pm

Life Starts Now

Between many of my favorite artists, bands, musicians, singers, one stands out that I tend to stress my favoritism towards the most. Three Days Grace. Now, a lot of you probably know them from I Hate Everything About You or Never Too Late. I'll admit, that's how I discovered them too- but that doesn't make me more or less of a fan then some people who have been there from the very beginning.

That, however, is not the topic I wish to get on today. Today, I want to bring up the subject of their newest album "Life Starts Now". Along with the new album, the band needs new ways to promote their stuff- which made them create a street team (YAY). Now, of course, I'm part of that street team.

So. My job right here right now is to get you to join it . Why? Well. Not only do you get to support an amazing band, but you get 'behind the scenes' and exclusives that no one else gets. E-cards, downloads, you name it, you get it (Except the band itself, but if you wanna go skip to Daddy and ask... No one's stopping you)

So how about it. Click THIS link to go join! :)