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Welcome to my blog.

Most people who come to this page and probably ask "What the hell is this crazy chick's problem?" Let me just say now I have a wide range of emotions that I tend to announce very expressively. I feel what other people hide and express it- it's my "Sixth Sense". Some blogs I post may have a very deep emotional feeling while others may be rants about the color of the sky and why Pluto isn't a planet anymore. Don't be threatened.

I've been all over the internet, but the lack of funding has made me go back to not-domained blogging again. I'm a graphic designer and aspiring makeup artist. I also wish to major in Forensic Science & CSI and get a look into Biometrics. I'm waiting til I'm married before I lost my virginity and nothing will change that. I swear an awful amount and I tend to take credit for the problems that I create- even if people say I didn't create them.

I'm sixteen and I have my future planned out. I know how many kids I want, where I want to live, who I want to marry, what job I want, how I'm going to get it, an so on and so forth.


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